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Our organization, localization, and network make us

highly competitive on pricing and quality.

Oskar Pedersen AS is a family owned company since 1925. Dedicated to provide the best customer experience through a highly competent and motivated group of employees.

OP is a family-owned company in its fourth generation and has supplied quality goods since its establishment in 1925. OP grew from being a ship chandler to become a major supplier of substances, doing business in several sectors and with customers in both offshore- and marine-based activities.

As activity in the offshore domain slowly decreased in the 1990s, OP shifted focus toward supplying operative solutions for the governments in the Scandinavian countries. After almost three decades honing this expertise, OP has become very competent and competitive within this niche.

Today our organization is lean and very effective. Our head office is in Kristiansand, Norway. Our partners and international network allow us to give end-users a broad option of solutions fitting their purpose.
Our organization, localization and network make us highly competitive on pricing and quality.

Our core business idea is to keep a minimal, but effective organization with the knowledge and network to supply our customers with the best possible option to meet their current and future demands.

We achieve this with a mixed staff consisting of personnel with military and operative background as well as dedicated project managers, category managers, logistical, financial, and legal experts.

Our mission

Excel in providing operative solutions through continuous improvement driven by integrity, dedication, and innovation by the people of OP.

Our portfolio consists of top of the range products for the professional market.

Category Manager, OP
Core valuES
We always have the end-users as our number one priority.
Core valuES
Openness and long-term relationships are our key to success.
Core valuES
All people are created equal.
CSR have always been a fundamental part of OP.
Oskar Pedersen as

In order to succeed, we must be a streamlined, highly agile, and innovative company.